Friday, July 13, 2007

The Inside of a Meat Pie from Absynthe Bakery

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Hi folks, just to further expound on one of my previous posts regarding meat pies, I made a special journey down to Circle on Cavill, Surfers Paradise just to test out the acclaimed meat pies at Absynthe Bakery. There were only 2 types of pies left by the time I arrived, a beef and red wine pie, and a lamb and mushroom version. I got to sample both, and they were fantastic. Just to prove my point, I took a picture of the inside of the lamb pie, showing the sheer amount of filling that they pack into their pie pastries. I know it's a bit of a nasty shot, the pie being chewed up and all, but just look at the quantity of meat in that baby! For pies of that size and meat density, they certaintly make for a full meal all on their own. And boy, was I stuffed!


Goldie said...

Yep Absynthe bakery is pretty damn good! I think it'll take some time for them to get really popular - for that whole precinct to get popular. They're the only two types of pies I've ever seen them sell and i've been there twice now.

Anonymous said...