Friday, April 13, 2007

Confit of Berkshire Pork Belly with Fennel and Apple

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Pork and apples and fennel.. how wrong can one get? Not very I suppose. Ye old trusted combination, reworked time and again by cooks all over. Indeed, there is good reason why the term "classic pairings" exists.

The pork was marinated with rosemary, bay leaves, pepper and lots of salt and sugar overnight. The next day, it was drained and rinsed twice. Then, the meat was submerged in oil (or lard) and baked in a 120 degree celsius oven for 3 hours. When done, it was left to cool in the fat, and stored for a week in the fridge to allow the tasty flavours to fully develop, just as with all other confits. Pan fry the pork when needed, simply to warm through and crispen the skin.

I dished it up with shaved fennel and apples dressed with a mustard vinaigrette (mustard goes well with pork too!). I also added caramelised apple and chorizo sausage slices to make it a meal fit for a hungry man like myself.

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