Saturday, April 07, 2007

Creamy Scrambled Eggs with Wild Mushrooms and Herbs

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You could circle the globe in search for new and exciting tastes, but you'll always end up drifting back to a place close to the heart where familiarity resides. For Bev and myself, we couldn't possibly resist coming back to luscious scrambled eggs ladden with sinful lashings of cream- runny in parts and velvety in others.

Scrambled eggs are one of those things that everyone, cheffy or not, has their own very personal and special way of cooking. In fact, many haughty chefs have been bickering for centuries over the definition of the perfect scrambled egg. Regardless, however runny or stiff, folded or stirred, you prefer your scrambled eggs, these things maintain a great affinity with partners such as butter, garlic, parsley, chives, black pepper, truffles/truffle oil, mushrooms, fish roe of any kind, smoked salmon, crab, and cured meats (bacon is but just one of the many).

World famous UK chef, Gordon Ramsey, does not beat his eggs initially with salt, but rather, seasons the dish only when it is almost cooked. According to him, the salt breaks down the proteins in the eggs prematurely, making them 'weep' and become watery later on. Who am I to disagree? So I cooked mine accordingly, and accompanied it with a side of wild saffron mushrooms fried with butter, garlic, parsley and chives, seasoned plainly with coarse salt and black pepper.

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For fellow mushroom lovers, it may be useful to know that now is wild mushroom season here in Australia. It runs annually for three months from March through to May. Seasonal fungi such as trumpets, king oysters, pink oysters, chestnuts, maitake and these wild saffron mushrooms can be purchased from most green grocers or farmers markets around Queensland at this time. Be quick, as they're only on shelves for so long.

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